Here is a list of prominent so-called “intactivists” who have been leading the campaigns against circumcision, and also against the choice that parents rightly have to make this decision for their child.

A brief “Who’s Who” of intactivism

This is not an exhaustive list, but it covers many of those recently or currently prominent in the movement, whether as leaders of intactivist groups, writers of intactivist articles, or active on social media and in street protests. Few have relevant credentials – a sign of pseudoscience is the use of fake “experts”.

Name Qualifications/background Comments
Peter Adler Lawyer Colleague of Svoboda (see below). Also co-authored (with Svoboda) an exceptionally bad open letter to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation attacking the African circumcision program (debunked on the quackdown blog).
David J. Bernstein Non-existence Used to post all over social media and the internet wailing about the harm his infant circumcision did to him, until outed in 2014: his real name is Christian Wimmer, and he is not even circumcised.
Dan Bollinger Industrial design Source of the 117 deaths a year myth. Director of the International Coalition of Genital Integrity, and on the steering committee of Intact America.
Gregory Boyle Psychologist Whilst highly accomplished in his own field (psychology) he is the author of inaccurate anti-circumcision articles including on topics in which he has no relevant qualifications (e.g. African HIV). He runs a group devoted to foreskin restoration under the ostentatious title “The Australian Institute of Psychology”. He was reprimanded by his employer, Bond University, for using its name without permission to promote his anti-circumcision agenda.
Adrienne Carmack Urologist Despite her background, she peddles the usual intactivist myths about foreskin function etc. Was named “Intactivist of the month” for October 2014.
Georganne Chapin Anthropology, sociomedical sciences, law. Director of Intact America. Involved in Attorneys for the Rights of the Child. Seemingly endorses bad behavior by intactivists: “We need to stop questioning the motives of those whose aim it is to make all circumcisers feel bad, so they stop circumcising”. Hob nobs with bullies like Brother K (see below).
Jonathon Conte Victim of intactivism Pioneered the jump-suits with the crotches stained red. Driven to suicide in May 2016 by his obsession with intactivism.
Robert Darby PhD history (deceased) Co-authored a highly deceptive article in “The Skeptic” with Brian Earp (see below). His biased articles have been heavily criticized in the scientific literature by scientists and medical professionals.
George Denniston Obstetrics & gynaecology President of “Doctors Opposing Circumcision”.
Gert van Dijk Philosopher, ethicist Has no medical training whatsoever but was described by Attorneys for the Rights of the Child as “one of the main movers behind the Royal Dutch Medical Association’s recent forceful anti-circumcision position statement and ensuing anti-circumcision programme“. Presented at 2012 NOCIRC symposium and hob nobs with leading intactivists. This is like discovering that the guy responsible for authoring government climate change policy is on the board of BP, which may explain why the KNMG’s policy is so dire.
Brian Earp Philosopher & ethicist. Cognitive science & psychology. Becoming a prolific writer of anti-circumcision propaganda, including an article for “The Skeptic” which is ad hominem, selective with the literature and misleading with the literature it does cite, whilst picking extreme data – an academic sin he (falsely) accuses his opponent, Prof. Morris, of. See here for a rebuttal. He is also fond of comparing male circumcision with female genital mutilation, a fallacy of false equivalence. Has attracted critiques and rebuttals in the literature.
Jason Fairfield Big on Facebook Openly approves of using “incredible claims” if it furthers the cause of intactivism, admitting that most people will not fact-check them. Likes to wear a jump-suit with the crotch stained red.
Max Fish Journal editor Founded the VMMC Experience Project targeting African men. It peddles the usual debunked myths and pseudoscience and undermines the WHO-backed circumcision program, thereby endangering lives. She has a YouTube video in which she peddles a mix of genetic fallacy, conspiracy theory and bogus claims about the African trials. A dangerous woman.
Paul Fleiss Osteopath (deceased) HIV/AIDS denying quack, loser of several malpractice suits, and convicted felon. Author of an anti-circumcision article in “Mothering” in 1997 that still gets cited by intactivists. Source of the 20000 nerves myth.
Morten Frisch Epidemiologist Damaged his reputation with a “study” claiming to link circumcision to autism, and which was swiftly and soundly debunked. Was lead author of the “Cultural bias” letter attacking the AAP. Most of the 37 others were N. European, many of them Scandinavian (he is Danish). Why so many “Vikings”? This was after he had a hissy fit in which he criticized medical professor Brian Morris (one of his chief critics) for trying to rustle up support from his associates to criticize Frisch’s 2011 paper on sexual function. Seems Frisch is not above doing this himself when it suits.
John D. Geisheker Lawyer Executive director of “Doctors Opposing Circumcision”, and on the steering committee of Intact America.
Ronald Goldman Psychology Founder and Executive Director of the Circumcision Resource Center in Boston.
Christopher Guest Radiologist Named as “Intactivist of the Month” for July 2013. Has produced videos promoting the usual intactivist claims.
Tim Hammond Human rights activist Founded NOHARM and co-founded NORM, both intactivist organizations. Instigated the much touted, but scientifically worthless, internet survey “The Global Survey of Circumcision Harm”. Named “Intactivist of the month” for September 2012.
Brian Herrity Big on Facebook Gloated over the MH17 disaster (see Hollie Ann Redinger, below). Supported Christian Wimmer (see below) when his cover was blown and said others are using fake profiles and bogus stories too, and they should NOT be unmasked.
Matthew Hess Not anti-Semitic, honest Prominent figure in the San Francisco Bay Area Intactivists. Producer of the infamous “Foreskin Man” comic strip depicting a muscular blue-eyed blond Aryan superhero battling a caricature Jew complete with claws.
George Hill Retired airline pilot Calls himself a “bioethicist”. One of the “officers” of “Doctors Opposing Circumcision” although he has no medical background whatsoever.
Frederick Hodges Pianist, historian Was heavily involved with NOCIRC early on, edited its conference proceedings.
Brother K Journalism Notorious Facebook bully, with thousands of followers. Posts contact details of medical professionals who perform circumcision, or are supportive of it, so his hordes of minions can then “educate” them by spamming them and phoning them with intactivist propaganda. Does the same to ordinary citizens who mention their sons’ circumcisions on Facebook. Has been caught asking parents to send him pictures of their son’s genitals – twice.
David Llewellyn Lawyer Handles circumcision-related lawsuits. Involved in Attorneys for the Rights of the Child.
James Loewen Big on YouTube Posts misleading videos on YouTube under the name “Bonobo3D”. Accosted pediatrician Dr Lolita McDavid outside the AAP annual conference in 2016, and held an impromptu interview with her in the street. She did not toe the intactivist line, so her contact details were put on his Facebook page by one of his followers. She was then targeted for harassment by intactivists.
Ron Low Engineer Heavily markets his “TLC Tugger” device for stretching and restoring foreskins. Claims the foreskin is the most erogenous part (and his device can restore it, so please buy it).
Franny Max Lawyer Real name Frances Maxant. Founder of “Circumcision Resource Pages” and “Intactivists Stop Circumcision”. Named as October 2015 “Intactivist of the month” for October 2015 by Intact America. Tried to dissuade an 11 year old Kenyan boy from being circumcised, even though he wanted to be.
Ryan McAllister PhD physics Produced the YouTube video “Elephant in the Hospital Room” which is packed full of egregious errors, and repeats bogus and discredited claims about the African HIV trials. This video is one of the most popular among intactivists.
Ken McGrath Pathologist (retired) Source of the 10000 fine-touch nerves myth. He has since admitted he got it wrong, but this has been largely ignored by intactivists, who often conflate it with the 20000 nerves myth started by Paul Fleiss.
Marilyn Milos Nurse (fired) Grand matriarch of US intactivism. Founded NOCIRC in 1985 after being fired from her job for trying to dissuade parents from circumcision. History of peddling bogus claims (e.g. up to 70000 nerves). Gloated over death of respected pediatrician Prof. Edgar Schoen because he had been pro-circumcision.
Hollie Ann Redinger Big on Facebook Anti-vaxer. Gloated over the MH17 disaster because some on board were going to an AIDS conference with sessions on circumcision. Thought it would be good to put intactivist literature into children’s trick or treat bags at Halloween.
Michelle Storms Physician Wife of Van Howe, and occasional co-author with him of debunked articles. Is on the board of Intact America.
J. Steven Svoboda Lawyer Specializes in circumcision-related lawsuits. Founder of Attorneys for the Rights of the Child. On the steering committee of Intact America. See also Peter Adler.
John Taylor Pathologist (deceased) Wrote detailed histological descriptions of the foreskin, and the so-called “ridged band”, yet lumped encapsulated nerve endings all into one group, failing to distinguish genital corpuscles. Engaged in speculations about foreskin function that go way beyond what could be justified by his observations. His website ( admits that keratinisation of the circumcised glans penis is “probably not to any significant extent”.
Robert S. Van Howe Paediatrician Has a Masters in statistics and public health, and uses this to bamboozle his audience, but does not fool medical scientists. He has clocked up a shocking record of rebuttals and critiques in the literature. All his “meta-analyses” have been trashed, the first even became a textbook example (literally) of how NOT to do a meta-analysis. See
Christian Wimmer Hoaxer Perpetrator of the “David J. Bernstein” hoax (see above under David J. Bernstein).
Hugh Young Retired broadcaster/editor Runs the misleading circumstitions website. Peddles claims despite knowing they have been debunked.